How to do “cat’s paws” nail art?

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Cat pads on the nails? This is the big nail art trend right now. We explain how to twist your manicure with cute little cat paws.


Grumpy Cat and his most famous “bitchy resting face” on the internet, Choupette the heiress of Karl Lagerfeld, the #lolcat who invade the web in funny videos … For a few years now, cats have been everywhere. And even on our nails! The “cat’s paws” nail art is original and trendy. And not that complicated to reproduce.


First of all, we recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before varnish your nails.

As always when you decide to varnish your nails, you apply a base coat, then two coats of plain varnish. For the “cat’s paws” nail art, we focus on two classic colors: white on all the nails and black for the pads.

With a fine nail art brush and a little nail polish remover, we remove the ugly traces of varnish around the nails, for a nickel result. We let it dry.

The serious things are starting: if we can make the cat’s paws with black varnish, we can also use paint, gouache type, easier to handle because it is thicker. We pour a little on a flat surface and then take the material using a dotting tool, a nail art tool that allows you to make polka dots.

We form with, the cat’s paw directly on the nail. Be careful, the top pads must be smaller than the big one below. Better to use dotting tools of different thicknesses to achieve this more easily.

Once the cat’s paw nail art is almost dry, apply a good coat of top coat to make the manicure shine and last as long as possible.

No need to draw cat pads on all the nails, you can easily do them on one, two or three fingernails.

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