Modern Outfits to Wear With Chokers

Modern Outfits to Wear With Chokers

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Chokers has been a way of beautifying oneself even way back. During the 17th century, Alexandra of Denmark used chokers as a way to hide her neck scar. Go even way back and you’ll know that Native American people wore them as a protection for their necks and a symbolization of their ranks.

For most of us in the modern age, we remember this accessory as part of the reigning trends during the ’70s along with flared jeans and silver boots or as one of the component of a typical gothic Victorian outfit. Back then in the Victorian era, chokers were typically of black lacy material with dangling beads all over. And in the ’70s, the chokers commonly worn were either simple bands with a pendant on the middle or those made of black swirly wires.

During the spring season this year, fashion designers have collectively made a spark of revival of this long-beloved accessory in their runway collections. One notable designer was Ralph Lauren who made multi-tiered bejeweled chokers inspired from the ones African tribes commonly worn as the standout element of his collection.

A bejeweled bijoux inspired from African tribes jewelries by Ralph Lauren for Spring 2015
A bejeweled bijoux inspired from African tribes jewelries by Ralph Lauren for Spring 2015

However, this fancy choker is not really something that we could wear everyday. Unless of course, this is definitely up your jam. So here are some modern outfits that you can incorporate a choker into.

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The easiest garment to wear with a choker is a top or dress with a plunging neckline. This styling technique has been around ever since the Victorian era during which women bare their shoulders and the top of their breasts for their evening outfits. Chokers were used then as a way to stress a woman’s sexuality. Today, this technique does that and chokers also help the v-neck to draw the attention to your face.


When paired with a turtleneck, chokers does something quite different than when you pair it with a plunging neckline. Since turtlenecks have high neckline that cover most of your neck, what the choker does is to create a pseudo-neckline on the turtleneck. This helps other ladies who look swamped down in a turtleneck top. For this, I would suggest a choker that would greatly contrast whatever turtleneck you’ll be wearing.


Chokers may not be as grand as other statement necklaces but it could be enough to create a statement on your simple outfit, especially when your outfit is composed of basic clothes. For basic outfits, you would want a bulky metallic choker that will draw the attention towards your face while giving that enough amount of grandeur to your supposedly ordinary attire.


If your outfit consists more on plain-colored garments and you feel like you’ve used your bulky statement necklaces, then you might want to try out dangling chokers. These chokers have dangling beads encircling the choker that could hold up to be a statement accessory in itself. For dangling chokers, you’d want exposed collarbones so stick with scoop or v-necklines or a light-colored top.


When you wear choker with a buttoned shirt, you don’t want the choker to be even partially hidden behind your collar. So what you’ll do is open at least two buttons and spread the collar evenly as if you’re wearing v-neck. This way you’ll be able to emphasize the choker you are wearing.


You could dress up those typical t-shirt and jeans outfit combination by wearing an eye-grabbing choker. You know when you have chosen the best choker if it grazes the ribbed part of your crew neck shirt or if it’s above sitting on your collarbones for a v-neck shirt.


Guess what? You could actually wear those chokers for the office. The key here is to find a choker that has a minimalist design and preferably metallic if not black. Those silver or gold bands will go well with your usually sleek and polished office outfit and they are also pretty easy to transition for the Friday happy hour.


Sometimes, when dressing up, you don’t need to add up too many accessories into your ensemble. Throw those bangled, large hoop earrings and dozens of flower hair pins out your window and keep it simple and classy. A choker could go a long way especially when your gown is a strapless kind. There’s a hint of allure and classic chic beauty that would give you an elegant impression from others.



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