How to remove semi-permanent varnish?

How to remove semi-permanent varnish?

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The semi-permanent varnish is an acrylic gel nail polish. This composition allows it to stay in place without flaking or tarnishing for almost 3 weeks. It has the same texture as a classic nail polish. The semi-permanent varnish is a small revolution for those who never find the time to redo their manicure. Today, we will talk about how to remove semi-permanent varnish.

Semi-permanent varnish: how to remove it?

This type of manicure does not make polish removal very easy. The simplest, but it is also the most expensive solution, is to return to an institute. A beautician will perfectly know the gestures to be carried out, gently, to find clean and radiant natural nails. The first step is to protect the skin around the nail with a protective oil, then to polish the nails. They are then rolled up in cotton soaked in acetone solvent and then in aluminum foil. When the aluminum and the cotton are removed, the nails have lost their varnish.

Semi-permanent varnish: another method to remove it

All you need to do is equip yourself with an acetone remover and a scrub glove. It is then simply necessary to immerse the fingers in a bath of solvent and, after a few minutes, gently rub with the exfoliating glove, while keeping the fingers in the bath. The operation is to be repeated several times until all the nail polish is off.

Semi-permanent varnish: taking care of the nails after removing it

Under the layers of varnish, the nails find it difficult to “breathe”, so it is advisable not to practice semi-permanent varnish non-stop. It is better to let the nails “take the air” between two poses.

To take care of your nails, it is also strongly recommended to maintain your nails regularly with professional manicure sets. This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail beauty products!

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