Milk Bath Nails: this unusual manicure

Milk Bath Nails: this unusual manicure

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Nails are not only a part of our body, but also a reflection of our temperament. We should often take care of them with the professional manicure sets. Have you ever heard of the Milk Bath Nails? Responding to the sweet name of milk bath, this new refreshing manicure is likely to be emulated during the summer season.

Want to break the codes and change a little manicure for the summer? We suggest you dare the Milk Bath Nails on your nails. This trend can be applied to long or short nails. The installation of false nails in acrylic on which were affixed small colored dried flowers, then covered with a pretty milky white shade.

It’s fresh, minimalist, summery and it’s growing! The installation is done in one or two hours in an institute, for an optimal result. If you want flowery nails, without going through a professional, you can try at home. The whole thing is to have small dried flowers that you will stick on your nail previously tinted white with meticulousness, using a transparent varnish, before covering the whole thing with a new layer of white then another of top coat.

By reading this article, I hope you enjoyed this manicure tutorial! This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail products!

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