12 gestures to banish absolutely to have beautiful nails

12 gestures to banish absolutely to have beautiful nails

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Biting your nails, nibbling your cuticles, removing nail polish with your teeth, so many things we all do that prevent us from having beautiful nails. To have beautiful nails, we must say stop to these 12 bad habits.

Here are the 12 bad gestures:

  • Remove your semi-permanent manicure with your fingers
  • Cut her cuticles.
  • Using fingernails to remove nail polish.
  • Soak her nails in warm water before a manicure.
  • Pour solvent into the varnish to thin it.
  • Apply acrylic false nails.
  • File your nails back and forth.
  • Bite one’s nails.
  • Apply varnish over a care oil.
  • Shake the bottle of varnish to mix it.
  • Remove its varnish with cotton.
  • Apply thick coats of varnish.

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