Powder nail polish, revolution or not?

Powder nail polish, revolution or not?

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Also called “dip powder”, powdered nail polish consists of fine acrylic particles. Often used by pros in salons, it allows you to achieve all kinds of effects on the nails: a matte finish, a touch of glitter, a nice gradient, a metallic finish, etc.

How to apply it correctly

The first step is to apply a base on the nail, very thick, on which the particles of varnish will cling. It is important to apply the base with as much precision and regularity as possible to obtain an ultra-sharp result.

Once the base has been applied, all you have to do is dip the nail into the small jar containing the powder varnish particles. The powder will set on the previously applied base. Then remove the excess material with a brush and dip the nail once or twice if necessary until you obtain the desired intensity.

After removing the excess material with the brush, apply the layer of top coat then polish the nail to obtain a smooth and clean surface. Finally, apply a final coat of top coat.

Do we adopt it or not?

Its strong points: it offers the same hold as a semi-permanent nail polish, without having to run your hand over a UV lamp. The application is a little more playful than with a classic nail polish.

Its weak points: you have to be quite expert to obtain a satisfactory result. In addition, the powder varnish is removed only with pure acetone, which is quite aggressive for the nails.

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