7 Creative Ways Rock a Minnie Mouse Costume This Halloween

7 Creative Ways Rock a Minnie Mouse Costume This Halloween

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We can hardly believe it, but Halloween is almost upon us. Cue the frantic costume planning STAT if you haven’t already gotten a head start. (Heck, we’ve been brainstorming and scheming since November 1 of last year). While some people like to go as creepy goblins and ghouls, there’s something to be said about dressing up as a favorite cartoon character from your childhood days. Read: Minnie Mouse all the way! Not just restricted to infant costumes, you too can channel your inner Minnie with the help of some polka dots, a set of mouse ears and a signature pair of red heels. From sugary sweet to all grown up, here are 10 must-see Minnie Mouse womens halloween costumes ideas for the entire fam.

Classic Minnie Mouse Costume

1. Classic Minnie: When a last-minute Halloween costume switcheroo needs to happen, dressing up as Mickey’s main squeeze never gets old. Don’t already have a black polka dot dress in your closet? Not a problem, ‘cause you can DIY one on your own thanks to this hack.

Sweet Minnie Mouse

2. Sweet Minnie Mouse: Besides the fact that Lauren Conrad is the queen of Halloween costumes, she also gave us major costume #goals when she designed an exclusive Minnie Mouse collection for Kohl’s. For a look that’s more cute than frightful this Halloween, opt for a red fit-and-flare skirt, a polka dot blouse, mouse ears and some chic black steppers. Final step: Find a date to reprise the role of Mickey, and it’s a done deal.

Lazy Minnie Mouse Costume

3. Lazy Minnie Mouse Costume: Leave the polka dots at home by opting for a more sultry Minnie dressed in all black. Besides a set of mouse ears, all you’ll need to complete the look is a black bralette and high-waisted skirt.

Edgy Minnie Mouse

4. Edgy Minnie Mouse: Add a leather jacket and suddenly Minnie Mouse is living life on the edge. For this fun getup, a casual red full skirt or black and red combo dress will do. Just don’t forget to leave the house without your mouse ears and white gloves!

Fiesta-Inspired Minnie Mouse Costume

5. Fiesta-Inspired Minnie Mouse Costume: It’s f-i-e-s-t-a time. Sometimes the best halloween costumes are the ones recycled from years past. Case in point: With a little creativity and imagination, a Mexican-inspired dress can easily be reinterpreted for Minnie Mouse.

BFF Approved

6. BFF Approved: Halloween weekend, here we come! No trip to the Magic Kingdom required for you and your bestie to become Minnie and Mickey for the day. Thanks to the matching tops, all you’ll need is a red polka dot skirt and a bow to set you apart.

Glamorous Minnie Mouse

7. Glamorous Minnie Mouse: Follow in this fashion blogger’s footsteps by channeling little Miss Minnie this Halloween. To avoid spending a fortune, consider recycling an old homecoming dress or shopping the sales racks for a little black polka dot dress. Red bow heels and fancy mouse ears are obligatory for this ultra-glam look.

Will you be dressing up as Minnie Mouse or another cartoon character this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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