Two-tone nail art: 5 easy ideas that you can do on your own

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Want to twist your plain nail polish for a chic, pop-up two-tone manicure? Follow this super easy nail art guide!


This is the easiest nail art technique to do. You don’t have to be an expert at manicure to indulge in this fantasy on your nails. In fact, it suffices to have the necessary material: a base before the varnish to protect the nail from yellowing, 2 varnishes of 2 different colors to achieve the two-tone manicure, rollers of stripping tape to define the shapes and a top coat to make shine and hold the result longer.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of varnish.

French manicure modernized way or manicure in V, or just with stripes, all the ideas of nail art are possible as long as the constraint of the 2 colors is respected.


Two-tone diagonal nail art

This manicure is super easy to do. The trick to getting there without a hitch the first time: use small self-adhesive adhesive guides to place wherever you want on the nail, to delimit the area to be varnished in a particular color. Obviously, before that we take care to varnish the entire nail white. Once the color is applied, let it dry for a few seconds and take out its top coat.

Two-tone glitter nail art

Glitter varnish is a sure bet for manicure. It mixes easily with all other varnish colors, warmer for the summer season and cooler in the winter. To achieve this two-tone nail art, nothing could be simpler: you varnish 4 nails in the color of your choice, and the 5th with glitter varnish. If we can leave the result as it is, we can also make a cross on another nail with stripping tape. The touch of top coat is essential to trap the little bits of tape and prevent them from escaping the first time you wash your hands.

The two-tone french manicure

We abandon the traditional French manicure in favor of new, more graphic and more modern ones like this one. Nothing too rocket science to do at home. We start by selecting 2 colors that go well together. We varnish the entire nail and then apply a self-adhesive guide to draw the French line with the other color. To twist the result, you can also mix the colors.

Gradient two-tone nail art

The degraded nail art, also called “ombré nail” is popular on social networks. To adopt it at home with confidence, it is already a matter of taming the technique. After applying a base coat, apply 2 coats of varnish and let it dry. We then take a small piece of sponge on which we apply the colors of the gradient in horizontal stripes that are neither too thin nor too thick. You tap the sponge like a tampon, so that the gradient takes shape on the nails. And don’t forget the top coat for a shiny and long-lasting result.

Two-tone graphic nail art

To achieve this two-tone nail art, you just need a little imagination. The 1st step: varnish all her nails in one and the same color, black here. And, once the geometric or graphic shapes are in mind, they are reproduced on the nails using adhesive guides. This is still the best to be sure of its course. But for the more skilled, it is also quite possible to make the shapes freehand, directly with the varnish of the other color or with a nail art brush.

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