Repairing a broken nail with a tea bag: the miracle trick!

Repairing a broken nail with a tea bag: the miracle trick!

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Nail are the second face for a woman.Because it represents not only the image, but also the woman’s character. So using professional manicure sets to care for your nails is very important. However, breaking a nail is often happen. Do you know how to do it?This article will tell you the answer.

A tea bag to repair broken nails

Maybe the solution will overcome the scourge of broken nails, with a product that almost everyone has in their closet: a simple tea bag.

How to fix a broken nail with a tea bag?

To use this technique, you only need very few materials: a nail polish, a base and a top coat, a nail file, a new tea bag and a pair of scissors.

To start, cut a strip the width of your fingernail from the paper tea bag. Apply a base coat to your broken nail, place the paper strip and iron on a base coat. As it hardens, the tea bag will act like a plaster to hold your nail in place.

All you have to do then is finish your manicure in the usual way: a stroke of the nail file to cut off the excess paper that protrudes from your nail, two coats of varnish, a hint of top coat.

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