Padmate PaMu Scroll: TWS Earphones for the Moment

Padmate PaMu Scroll: TWS Earphones for the Moment

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After a successful Indiegogo campaign, the true wireless earphones that everyone is talking about are coming to the market: Padmate PaMu Scroll.

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the new true wireless earphones (TWS) from Padmate, a Chinese company that recently launched its own brand after being for 17 years as the manufacturer of well-known and popular brands headphones, such as Monster, Nokia, Huawei and Xiaomi.

The Padmate Indiegogo campaign has achieved important results, with a target reached at 15,000% and around 2.5 million Euros collected, certifying itself as the campaign of a most successful audio product of the crowdfunding platform.


Design is certainly one of the strengths of Padmate’s PaMu Scrolls: the earphones are very small and compact (19.5x17x27mm), and they stick well to the ear. There is a microphone in the lower part and an activity / recharge LED in the upper part of each earphone, while the external part is touch sensitive and allows you to start or pause the audio, answer a call, go on by one track, or activate the voice assistant of your smartphone (compatible with Siri and Google Assistant).

Padmate PaMu Scroll: TWS Earphones for the Moment

The case is also very beautiful and elegant, cylindrical in shape with a diameter of 37mm and a height of 96mm, covered in leather and in color combined with the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Glory editions, with two different designs and brown base, the Graphene in anthracite gray, and the Sakura in pink. On the lower part of the case, a microUSB port to recharge the internal battery, to which an optional accessory for wireless charging can also be connected.

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The PaMu Scroll earphones have a 6mm driver capable of reproducing a wide range of frequencies from 20Hz to 20KHz, with a deep bass and brilliant highs. The 55mAh battery present in each of the two units guarantees an using of 3.5 hours in reproduction and up to 100 hours in stand-by, and can be fully recharged in less than 2 hours, if inserted in the special slots of the case. IPX6 certification is also present to guarantee resistance to splashing water and sweat, but it is not possible to completely immerse the earphones in water.

The case has a built-in 500mAh battery, recharges in less than 2 hours and is able to completely recharge the earphones twice.

The Bluetooth standard used in the PaMu Scrolls is the most recent 5.0. This guarantees a more stable connection with the smartphone (or other connected device), a greater maximum distance, and a higher transmission speed, which is reflected in a higher sound quality.


After a first launch at only $ 39 on Indiegogo, but the campaign is now over and the earphones will soon be available on the Moldac website at a higher price , which is currently positioned at $ 79.


After a few weeks of use, we feel we should promote the product with a high rating: the quality of the audio is very good, we can see that the deep basses and the brilliant highs declared by Padmate are realistic. The process of pairing with a smartphone is very simple and fast and having no buttons to press, the earphones are switched on and off automatically. It will be sufficient to remove them from the case for switching on and pairing, while as soon as the earphones are repositioned in the houses they are turned off and recharged. Even the audio on call is of excellent quality, and in stereo on both earphones.

As far as the positioning in the ear after concerned, the initial fears of losing the headset is no longer existing, they given the stability and at the same time the comfort, thanks to the limited weight of only 5 grams. So that PaMu Scrolls can be used during a race or a bike ride without ever falling. And we can see that the 3.5 hours of battery life is a realistic value, and you can even overcome it if the volume is not set to maximum.

To conclude, we can say that the Padmate PaMu Scrolls are a great product that we can recommend. At the current price of $ 79 they are undoubtedly a best buy, especially in view of the upcoming holiday gifts.


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