Neglected nails? Put them back in 3 easy steps!

Neglected nails? Put them back in 3 easy steps!

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Do you have neglected nails and you think you can’t show off your favorite nail polish colors with ease? Maybe you don’t know that nail art and manicures are certainly not a “treasure” reserved only for those with long nails! In this post, we will see how to put your hands back after a period of “neglect” and make them look beautiful again in a few simple steps!

Neglected nails: filing

The first step is make a correct filing and make them all the same in terms of length, even at the cost of shortening those with more free margin. It is better to keep them very short than to have nails that are different from each other, even with different shapes. So get a grain file that is not too thick and make them homogeneous.

Second step: the watchword is hydration! If you have neglected this area of the body, you will surely have thickened, dry cuticles and a slightly reddened skin. The second step is to create a beautiful natural nourishing pack, based on homemade ingredients, which can immediately restore new life and hydration to the skin.

It will take very little to make your hands and nails appear more beautiful immediately: after having hydrated the area, use an orange wood stick to push back the cuticles and, in extreme cases, eliminate the excess skin.

And now the last step, the application of your favorite nail polish! Now that you have filed your nails and hydrated the surrounding area well by removing the cuticles, you can easily apply your favorite nail polish. Spread a protective and strengthening base and then apply two coats of color, choosing a preferably dark one.

And don’t forget to always massage a cuticle oil after your manicure and after nail polish removal. Here you will find 3 simple recipes to create it at home in a natural, eco-friendly and above all economic way.

Do you always proceed with a thorough manicure or do you neglect them every now and then? I hope this post can attach your attention. If you want to get know more of nail products, take a look at our nail supply store, and you will find more products.

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