Manicure: What is Nail Art?

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The origins of nail art, our tips for success … discover and master this trendy manicure.

From men to women, from the Inca peoples to European countries and Asia, nail art has come a long way. Zoom in on this trendy manicure, as fanciful as it is refined, as technical as it is affordable.


Nail art is a manicure technique born in the 8th century among the Inca peoples who saw it as a way of celebrating the Gods. It was in the 20th century and in Asia (more precisely in Japan and Korea) that nail art experienced a real boom. Over there, this manicure is not just a fantasy, it is as much a sign of recognition as it is affirmation. You can quite see a business woman with decorated nails. Which would be unthinkable for us.

More artistic and fanciful than the French manicure, nail art has something to surprise: rhinestones, nails, sequins. But also to impress: subtle sponge gradient, meticulous stencil design. This manicure requires precision, agility, mastery and creativity. Thanks to this great diversity, nail art has seduced a large majority of women, tired of the wisdom and discretion of the French manicure.

Nail art has really been talking about it for 5 years, an explosion of varnish colors requires. Today, several nail artists are even starting to make a name for themselves like Naomi Yasuda (celebrities are fans of her work as refined as it is extravagant: Madonna, Lily Allen, Vanessa Hudgens etc.). Proof of this is that in 2012, the American Tom Bachik even joined the team of Experts of the brand.


Before starting nail art, it is advisable to go through the “care” box. The nails should be filed, polished with adequate manicure and pedicure products and finally protected with a transparent base. Which already takes a good 15 minutes of preparation. Then comes the moment to choose its patterns and colors.

For a first try, it is advisable to choose very graphic patterns that can be easily produced freehand such as dots, lines, waves or even color gradients (with glitter for those who want). It’s best to save the rhinestones, stickers, scotches, and stencils for next time (unless you’re nimble).

For all those who need help, know that some beauty salons teach nail art techniques but also that many tutorials are online (YouTube, Instagram, Blog). For example, the youtuber beauty Yoko Nail art offers a series of nail art for beginners. These are as easy as they are beautiful like this gradient rainbow nail art, done in minutes with a fan brush.

Once your patterns are finished, it is advisable to apply a layer of top coat to protect the varnish, bring a shine but also to prolong its hold.

Now it’s up to you to get started! And, little by little, to please you with the patterns, shapes and materials.

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