Last Days for the New TWS Bluetooth Earphones By Padmate

Last Days for the New TWS Bluetooth Earphones By Padmate

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Padmate is a company specializing in OEM and ODM production for bluetooth headsets from various manufacturers and which recently has seen fit to try to present to the public some internal projects such as the X13-PaMu Earbuds and the PaMu Scroll BT 5.0 earphones. After the success of these mentioned, Padmate has launched a new crowfunding campaign on Indiegogo dedicated to its new TWS headsets – True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth – PaMu Slide.

PaMu Slide Crowdfunding From 49 Dollars

The crowfunding has already passed the concept and design phases, this means that the PaMu Slides have already entered into production, ready to be distributed to supporters. However, until July 7th, it will be possible to pay one’s share as a backer to be able to take home, at a discounted price, one of the two versions on Indiegogo, each available in three different colors, white, green and black.

The versions are one with a normal case proposed for 49 dollars and a version with a wireless case for 69 dollars, where the back allows you to recharge your phone simply by placing it on top. The battery of the case has a capacity of 2000 mAh, it is easily recharged in 5 minutes with the USB-C fast charge and allows up to 60 hours of charging for the earphones.

The earphones are equipped with touch control, high level bass, USB-C fast charge, bluetooth 5.0, 10 hours of call autonomy, IPX6 certification for water resistance and self coupling. They are equipped with a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, considered by Padmate the most advanced chip ever mounted on TWS earphones. This allows for reduced battery consumption and better transmission capacity.

Both are equipped with diversified touch controls. The right earpiece allows you to answer calls, start or pause music with one touch, change songs or put the call down with two touches and increase the volume with three touches. The one on the left, instead, allows the same things, with the difference that the double touch allows you to activate the voice assistant and the triple touch to decrease the volume.

Last Days for the New TWS Bluetooth Earphones By Padmate

In addition to technology, the company has worked a lot on ergonomics, building earphones that could adapt to every type of ear and to every type of situation, depending on what you are doing. For this reason, PaMu Slide allows you to decide what size to wear, whether Small, Medium, Large.

The earphones are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and with the two voice assistants Siri and Google Assistance. You can choose your favorite version of PaMu Slide preferred on Indiegogo, we remind you that orders can be made at this price until – except in the case of unexpected events – 7 July 2019.


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