How to take care of your feet?

How to take care of your feet?

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To have beautiful feet, it is not necessary to make an appointment in a beauty salon. By knowing a few good things to do, you can do a lot of home foot care.

There are many very simple rituals that can considerably improve the appearance and health of your feet. Start by drying them well after showering,it is essential so that no bacteria or fungus develop between our toes. Once your foot bath is done, take advantage of your skin to be more tender to file the horn. For this, a simple pedicure supply for the care of the feet is necessary: a pumice stone. Pass it on all the areas where the skin has thickened and remove it. You will feel relief very quickly.

To remove dead skin, you can also use a foot exfoliator file scrubber, it will also make your feet extremely soft, and they will all regain their radiance. No need to go buy specialty products, you can go straight to your kitchen and mix olive oil and salt. Guaranteed results. Finally, remember to hydrate and deeply nourish your feet every day. It is a very busy area, they need repair. Also, try not to be in socks all the time so that they can breathe.

Foot Exfoliator File Scrubber Sponge Pedicure Tool Callus Remover

In addition, do not forget to cut your nails, always avoiding cutting them at an angle and thus reduce the risk of ingrown toenails. If you wish, you can also file and polish them, and push back the cuticles if the latter are too showy. You can finish the treatment with a nail polish in the color of your choice!

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