How to keep beautiful nails?

How to keep beautiful nails?

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Your clients have placed their trust in you and today they are looking to you, a little confused, for how to take care of their nails without your care! Here is the advice you can give them.

For those who wear false nails, a few years ago this “step-off” technique was practiced by certain manicurists who offered a gentle application technique, offer your clients there they will quickly understand the principle. In addition to the professional manicure set, these steps should be  followed:

Week 1

. Shorten, with a nail file, half the length of the nails while keeping their shape

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. Still with a file, reduce a thin layer of gel on the nail

. Wash hands and apply a “care” base coat

Week 2

. Repeat the 3 prescribed steps week 1.

Week 3

Usually the gel can be removed entirely, if this is not the case the layer is too thick, start over a week 4.

For soluble gels like the foils can be applied to melt the rest of the gel, to do so advise their acetone or the solvent containing acetone.

Hoping to have been helpful! If you want to know more about nail products, please take a look at our website. Waiting for you!

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