Best 3 Types of Hearing Aids

Best 3 Types of Hearing Aids

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1. ITE( in the ear )

Almost invisible, these in ear hearing amplifier are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. A free hearing assessment will let you know if you can choose this option.

2. BTE( behind the ear )

A little box with a microphone placed behind the ear, and the sound is amplified and output from a small speaker placed in the ear . This type of solution exists for all degrees of hearing loss, and is appreciated for its performance. There are BTE devices that carry sound to the ear through an acoustic tube.

3. Bone conduction

These devices are specifically designed for people with mixed hearing loss, ie conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. Perceptual deafness is best treated today with hearing aids, while transmission deafness is usually treated with medical or even surgical solutions . These devices are therefore a good compromise minimally invasive to deal in part with light transmission deafness. They are sometimes in the form of glasses, which transmit the sound by transmitting vibrations to the skull.


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