All about False Nails & Tips

All about False Nails & Tips

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Today I am going to tell you about False nails! They are often found on the Internet and even in supermarkets. It is possible to find false nails with different lengths to be able to adjust them yourself and even in different shapes! This technique can be bad for the nails if it is not done well, especially when removing them. Proceed with the installation of false nails with great gentleness and rigor!

You must first roughen the nail with a polisher then choose a capsule adapted to the nail. Proceed to fix the capsule with a glue for false nails, taking care to deposit a dot of glue in the center of the nail. When placing the capsule, slide it vertically and then exert pressure for better adhesion of the capsule.

  • Remove all traces of varnish if you wear it with a solvent: a residue of varnish can really alter the hold of the capsules.
  • File your nails as short as possible so as not to see your natural nail and for better adhesion of the capsules.
  • Use a polishing block to slightly file the surface of the nail, it will be smoother and the small bumps will allow the glue to be more effective.
  • Wash your hands to remove all traces of oil or impurities from your hands and nails.

The tips for remove false nails:

Cut length:

To remove the Capsule False Nails, the first step is to cut the length. You will make it easier for yourself to remove False Nails. To achieve this, prefer a nail clipper to a pair of scissors for a cleaner result.

Soak your nails in nail polish remover:

Once the false nails are cut, soak them in nail polish remover to dissolve the glue. Pour nail polish remover containing acetone into a manicure bowl. Your nails must be completely soaked in the nail polish remover. Apply petroleum jelly around your nail if you want to prevent the acetone from the nail polish remover from irritating your skin.

Take off the false nails:

After 20 minutes, remove your hands from the bowl and dry your hands. You can then try to peel the capsules off your nails. It must be done with great delicacy and above all not try to force. If you feel any resistance, soak your nails once more in the nail polish remover. After 5 minutes you can try again. Once the false nails are removed, take a cuticle pusher to remove the rest of the glue by scraping gently.

Hoping that these steps have inspired you and that they will make you want to try! Meanwhile, Equipment is also very important, and make sure you have complete manicure kits for ready use. To get the essentials to make your own manicures: click here.

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