Add Sleeves for Your Maxi Dress in This Season

Add Sleeves for Your Maxi Dress in This Season

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Love a maxi dress? Add a sleeve for fall.The most comfortable thing you can wear in September

Sure, we adore a perfectly belted pant as much as the next gal. But just because autumn is in the air, doesn’t mean you have to forgo those flowy, ethereal dresses you can never get enough of in summer. The solution? The long-sleeved maxi dresses for women. They’re pretty, they’re transitional, they’re Stevie Nicks-approved. Take a look.

Your best bet is a dark base with a moody floral print.

But slightly sheer also works.

Ooo, or red.

Surprise! They can also double as a kimono with leather womens leggings.

If your style is less Stevie Nicks and more Barbra Streisand, go for head-to-toe black.

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And for added warmth: knits.



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