PaMu Slide Mini Instructions: A Few Notes You May Be Interested As Well

PaMu Slide Mini Instructions: A Few Notes You May Be Interested As Well

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#1 Connect

  • If you use both ears at the same time, it’s ok. No problem, the connection is stable and no connection is lost, I have not lost and the user experience is extremely satisfied. If you only use the left ear, similar to using both ears, it is extremely stable. But if you only use Right ear, this is probably the problem, as I mentioned above, sometimes it will lose connection.
  • It is true that the Pamu Slide Mini can use both ears independently, but if someone tells you that the Pamu Slide Mini doesn’t have a master ear (Pamu they call the master earbud), that’s not necessarily true, I have email asking directly from their company, and they still respond slowly but very friendly.
  • Padmate said that “the loss of right ear connection is due to the fact that the pair is the main and secondary ear, and the left ear will be the main ear, because the right ear is the secondary ear, and the left ear will automatically connect to the devices.” Bluetooth play first. Right ear can be used independently, but they do not recommend because when you use only right ear, it will always try to reach the left ear to connect and that is the reason that right ear often gets disconnected. And finally, if you want to use one ear, you should use the left ear. ”
  • That’s what they say is right for their case, and it’s ok. But I have this way for you who like to listen on the right like me, that is, take both ears out of the box and connect, then it will automatically connect for both ears, after successful both ears then you remove the left ears.
  • I have tried and have not seen the connection loss despite wearing and listening for 2 hours continuously. If you try the above and still get lost or have a better way, please comment below for everyone to know.

#2 Wear a helmet and walk on the road

I wear a helmet and mask when listening to music on the road, I still hear ok, but if you wear a full face or 3/4 face helmet, it might be hard to put on the hat at the moment because this type of helmet it hug head should be able to hit the headset, but once put on, it sounds great.

#3 How to reset Pamu Slide Mini

How do we reset the pamu slide mini earphones? That’s when there is the phenomenon of lifting both ears out of the box and listening to music that it does not automatically pair (connect with each other), you should reset to the default, while using it, it is fine.

Steps to reset pamu slide mini earphones

  • Step 1: Remove the 2 headsets from the box for more than 5 minutes to allow it to consume less battery power, and you also unpair with the phone by clearing the connection and turning off bluetooth always. .
  • Step 2: Put 2 headsets into the charging box, this light will turn red and do not flicker at both ears.
  • Step 3: Double-tap on both ears, then the red light will blink, if you do not see feedback flashing, you touch continuously until it flashes.
  • Step 4: Touch and hold 2 headphones until the red light is no longer blinking and turn to steady light, this step has disconnected 2 ears.
  • Step 5: Tap twice on the LEFT ear, then the light will blink red / white. It is looking for a connection.
  • Step 6: Tap the ear MUST twice, it is also looking for a connection.
  • Step 7: Wait for about 10 seconds, the two headphones will connect with each other and when the indicator light flashes red, the ears have been connected successfully.
  • Step 8: Turn on the phone bluetooth and conect normally with 2 headphones.

#4 Pamu Slide Mini has power off automatically

  • If you do not use the headset for about 5 minutes and do not connect, the headset will automatically turn off.
  • If you are not using the Pamu Slide Mini but still connecting the bluetooth to your phone, it will remain on in standby mode and won’t turn off.
  • If you put the headset in the charging case, it will fully charge and turn itself off.

#5 Can Pamu Slide Mini headphones be heard with 1 ear?

Absolutely, if you use each ear, in the left ear it will talk mic in the left ear and right ear too. Should you rest assured to use. It is still a priority to use the left ear to make a stable call.

#6 If an ear is lost, can I buy it separately?

According to information from Moldac, you can buy a pair one time, and this problem, I do not see any dealer offer at the moment, but may will be in the future, so you should take care of it.


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