Different Types of Hearing Aids

Different Types of Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids come in many types, just like different type and different degrees of hearing loss. Modern hearing aids are digital. This will adapt well to your hearing and fit your lifestyle. CIC is hidden in the ear canal and is a smaller hearing aid. And the BTE is a hearing aid the place behind the ears, which make them more comfortable to wear. The choice of hearing aid amplifiers depends on the type of hearing loss and also on personal habit.

Best 3 Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids amplifiers are the hearing devices that sold by hearing prosthetics and only sold according to an ENT specialist’s medical prescription after an ear examination and audiogram examination. They are designed to compensate for hearing loss with appropriate equipment.

BTE: The device called behind the ear hearing aid, is positioned behind the ear and a small tube carries the sound into the ear canal. This type of device is the most sold. It can adapt to the most severe hearing loss, depending on whether the tip is molded to the shape of the ear or if it is a “standard” tip called open.

ITE / CIC: The device called in ear hearing aids or completely in the canal hearing aids, is placed in the ear canal and will nearly invisible. They are custom-made after an impression taken by the hearing care professional. These hearing aids are not recommended for patients with early hearing loss. In fact, by completely get in to the ear canal, it does not allow the natural transmission of sounds to the ear which are still still correct.


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